Creditors, Operational Creditors ,Employees and Workers CLAIM list as on 20/11/2020

Please See the File Link Below with 3 Sheets Respectivily which had updated lists of Creditors, Operational  Creditors ,Employees and Workers list as on 20/11/2020.

Excel File Link (Click to See)


The List Of Creditors as on 20/11/2020 Containing the name Creditors the amount claimed by them,The amount of their claims admitted,voting share and Security Interest If any in respecet of such Claims.


The List Of Operational  Creditors as on 20/11/2020 Contaning the name Creditors & the Amount Claimed by them,  The Amount of their Claims admitted Voting,Share and Security Interest If any In respecet of  such claims


Employees and Workers Claim Cosboard Industries Limited Claim Finalised by RP 20/11/2020